Australian Miniature Goat Stud

About Us

We live in the tiny village of Ma Ma Creek, which is tucked between the mountains in the Lockyer Valley. I have always loved goats and it wasn't easy to convince my husband that they would be a great addition to our family but eventually he gave in. 

We purchased our first three beautiful little does from the Pickwil Stud and I fell in love with them instantly. It took my husband a little bit longer to warm up to them but now he loves them all as much as I do.

All of our goats have their own individual personalities and we love spending time getting to know them and earning their trust. They are beautiful animals and they are often doing something silly to make us laugh. 

We have finally welcomed the arrival of some beautiful babies of our own and hopefully it is just the beginning of many happy years breeding our own Mya-ora Miniature Bred Goats. 

Australian Miniature Goats can have one of four different ear types, which are, Munchkin, Nuwby, Elf and Pixie. We personally like the Munchkin and Nuwby types and we are currently trying to produce animals which will meet the Breed Standard of Excellence. Good health, temperament and correct conformation is what we are striving for.

AABMGS                                                                                Australian All Breeds Of Miniature Goat Society Inc.